Introduction to Abnormal Uterine Bleeding Treatment in Kansas City

Abnormal bleeding doesn’t have to control your life, find the source and get effective treatment at WCJC.

If you are experiencing vaginal bleeding in between periods or if you have extremely heavy bleeding during your period, you’re dealing with abnormal uterine bleeding. Periods that last more than 7 days or those in which you soak through one or more tampons in an hour are considered abnormally heavy.

Service Overview

What it Covers

  • Heavy bleeding during a period (more than a tampon per hour)
  • Irregular bleeding between periods

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Take Charge of Your Health

Don’t let abnormal uterine bleeding negatively impact your life.

Not being able to know when you’re going to be bleeding, or how heavy that bleeding will be, can lead to a constant state of anxiety. Heavy menstrual bleeding can severely limit a woman’s daily activities or even leave them entirely homebound. With abnormal uterine bleeding treatment in Kansas City, you can get back to the life you love without the hassle and frustration of irregular bleeding.

How it Works

Discover the cause and the treatment for your abnormal bleeding.

Abnormal uterine bleeding has a variety of potential causes. Pregnancy is a common cause, as are polyps or fibroids in the uterus. Abnormal uterine bleeding is sometimes, though rarely, caused by a thyroid issue, infection of the cervix, or uterine cancer. Most often, a hormone imbalance causes abnormal bleeding.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our team often hears recurring questions regarding abnormal uterine bleeding treatment. Here are a few helpful answers to get you started on your own journey to wellness.