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Our AcuPulse CO2 Laser facial is trusted by our staff to provide excellent skin rejuvenation results.

Women’s Clinic of Johnson County’s all-female staff understands the importance of clear skin when it comes to our own self-image. The AcuScan120™ is a well-studied CO2 laser treatment that completely revitalizes the skin at a deep OR superficial level for a multitude of conditions. Its SuperPulse™ technology allows for deeper penetration with lower energy. This means less discomfort and less downtime than with conventional laser procedures.

Treatment Overview

What it Treats

  • Stubborn deep lines and wrinkles
  • Uneven texture
  • Skin pigmentation changes
  • Sun damage
  • Enlarged pores
  • Acne scars
  • Skin furrows
  • Stretch marks
  • Surgical scars Before & Afters Wysiwyg

Procedure Time


Full Recovery Time




How it Works

Whether you’re new to lasers or you’ve already tried others that simply don’t yield results, the CO2 Laser facial could be a great solution.

Before we perform a laser facial on a patient, we first conduct a thorough consultation to discuss your skincare routine, other preventative measures, and your primary areas of concern. You’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions and hear about post-care to help maintain your results. During your laser facial, our expert laser technician will first apply a numbing cream to the skin to ensure your total comfort. After this has taken effect, we will carefully and precisely glide the CO2 Laser device over the treatment area(s) for smooth, even results.


Treating deeper layers of the skin to target underlying causes of your skin concerns and blemishes

The best part of the CO2 Laser facial is that it was designed for more than just facial concerns. It can also treat scarring or stretch marks on the abdomen, breasts, and other areas of the body that so many of us see changes to after pregnancy or weight loss. We can also use the CO2 laser for following up after surgery to reduce the appearance surgical scars from a C-section, breast augmentation, tummy tuck, etc.

Following your laser treatment, you may notice a bit of redness or swelling for a week or two. This is totally normal and will subside as the skin goes through its natural healing process.

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Why get your laser facial at WCJC?

Most people go to a medical spa to get laser facials in Kansas City. Here’s why WCJC is a better option.

There seems to be unending pressure from the media, in the workplace, and even internalized pressure to always look as young as possible. However, the all-female staff at WCJC understand that laser treatments are more than just for aesthetics alone. Under the supervision of our medical director, our CO2 Laser promotes the long-term health and vitality of the skin on the face and body and can restore self-confidence from the inside out.

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