Introduction to Cesarean Section

Every pregnancy is unique, just as every patient is unique.

Women’s Clinic of Johnson County has delivered thousands of children over the years through either a vaginal birth or a Cesarean Section. And while C-Sections don’t always have the best rep, it remains a critical technique for safely delivering a child. Whether you need a C-Section in Kansas City will depend on a wide variety of factors, including medical history, any current conditions you might experience, past pregnancies, your age, and any other complications from before or during labor that might prevent you from performing a vaginal birth safely.

Service Overview

What it Covers

  • High Risk Pregnancies
  • Pre-Existing Medical Conditions
  • Distress During Labor
  • Baby in Breech Position During Labor
  • Severely Stalled Labor
  • Macrosomia
  • Patient Obesity
  • Placenta Previa or Placental Abruption
  • Preeclampsia
  • Eclampsia

Procedure Time

45 - 60 minutes

Hospital Stay


Recovery Time

6 weeks


Local, General, or Epidural/Spinal


2 - 4 days

Our Locations

We perform Cesarean Section at the following WCJC locations.

Olathe Medical Center


20333 W 151st St
Olathe, KS 66061


Phone 913-791-4200

Advent Health Shawnee Mission


9100 S 74th St
Merriam, KS 66204


Phone 913-676-2000

How it Works

Whether your C-Section is planned or unplanned, WCJC doctors will be there for you every step of the way.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) guidelines recommend doctors always plan for vaginal delivery. However, some obstetrics patients know from the start that a patient will require a C-Section (they may have a medical condition preventing them from delivering vaginally). That said, most C-Sections are actually unplanned and end up proving necessary during the labor process. If the baby is in breech position, is under fetal distress, labor doesn’t start or is severely stalled, or there are other complications during labor, you and your doctor may decide to opt for a C-Section to optimize you and your child’s health and safety.

Whatever the case, WCJC can help you prepare for your pregnancy by helping you understand your pre-op and post-op instructions, along with walking you through the general process of pregnancy and the specific reasons a C-Section might be necessary so you feel prepared going into your big day.


Keeping you and your child safe and healthy from start to finish.

In addition to being medically necessary, a C-Section can come with other benefits to the patient, too. Having a C-Section in Kansas City can lower the risk of birth injury in certain situations. In the case of a planned C-section, the procedure can be planned in advance to avoid complications for some patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of common questions and misconceptions about delivering via C-Section. Our obstetricians will walk you through everything you need to know to feel prepared on the big day.

Post-Operative Instructions

Your post-operative instructions for gynecology procedures were created for you by the Women’s Clinic of Johnson County to aid in your comfort and understanding of the recovery process. Our goal is to provide you with an excellent surgical experience. Thank you for choosing our health care team.