Kiss your razors goodbye.

Harness the power of light to safely & effectively destroy unwanted hair – at the root.

People go to great lengths to achieve hair-free skin, even though it’s only temporary. From hot wax and sharp razors to plucking hairs out one by one, we’ve all tried one way or another to get rid of unwanted hair. If you’re ready to stop buying razors or wincing every time you break out the tweezers, it’s time to visit WCJC for laser hair removal in Johnson County. After a series of treatments, you’ll notice significantly less or no hair on the treated area.

Treatment Overview

What it Treats

  • Unwanted hair
  • Excess hair

Procedure Time


Full Recovery Time




How it Works

WCJC can treat unwanted or excess hair on virtually any part of the body, including underarms, legs, the bikini area, and more.

In the weeks leading up to your laser hair removal appointment at one of our Johnson County locations, we ask that you refrain from waxing, tweezing, and tanning to ensure a successful session (using a razor is fine). On the day of your hair removal treatment, we will adjust our laser equipment to your skin and hair type and we’ll provide eye protection. Our laser specialists carefully eliminate unwanted hair in the active growth phase by targeting and damaging hair follicles beyond repair. With each treatment, the actively growing hair follicles are destroyed.

Benefits of laser hair removal

Enjoy permanently smooth, hair-free skin (with no razor bumps!)

Laser hair removal is the most effective and long-term solution to unwanted hair. Our patients report minimal discomfort, saying the treatment area feels warm and as though a rubber band is snapping against their skin. After your treatment, your hair may fall out immediately or it may take several days. Additional treatments can address regrowth and maintain the results.

Find laser hair removal near you.

WCJC has convenient locations so you can fit your laser hair removal appointment into your busy lifestyle.

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Why come to WCJC for laser hair removal?

Most people go to a medical spa to get laser hair removal in Johnson County. Here’s why WCJC is a better option.

There seems to be unending pressure from the media, in the workplace, and even internalized pressure to always look as young as possible. However, the all-female staff at WCJC understand that laser hair removal treatments are more than just for aesthetics alone. Under the supervision of our medical director, our state-of-the-art laser promotes the long-term elimination of the unwanted or excess hair on the face and body and can restore self-confidence from the inside out.

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