Introduction to LEEP

Women’s Clinic of Johnson County and the LEEP procedure is here to help you through all of life’s ups and downs.

LEEP stands for Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure and we use it to remove cells and tissue from the cervix. Through this procedure, we collect samples for the diagnosis and treatment for abnormal and cancerous conditions.

Service Overview

What it Covers

  • Abnormal / Pre-Cancerous Cells in the Cervix

Procedure Time

10 minutes

Hospital Stay

Outpatient or in Clinic

Recovery Time

3 weeks


Paracervical block if in office


1 day

Our Locations

We perform LEEP at the following locations:

Shawnee Mission


8901 W 74th St.
Suite 100
Shawnee Mission, KS 66204


Phone 913-491-4020


Fax 913-491-4725



21120 West 152nd St.
Suite 201
Olathe, Kansas 66061


Phone 913-491-4020


Fax 913-491-4725

How it Works

The benefits of a surgical procedure, without the cost or downtime.

After your WCJC provider identifies precancerous or abnormal cells in your cervix—either through a biopsy or colposcopy—she will calmly explain your options and walk you through everything you need to know about the risks, pros, and cons of LEEP. If you decide this procedure is right for you, we will happily schedule your procedure for a day and time that works best. While the procedure itself only takes 10 minutes, you may experience pain and/or discharge afterwards, so it’s usually best to schedule this procedure for a time when you are free to relax.

During the treatment, we first use a speculum to access the cervix and inject a numbing agent around the cervix called a paracervical block. Then, we will use an electrical current device, which acts as a scalpel, to simultaneously remove the abnormal cells and ablate the excision. We will collect a sample of these cells for further testing purposes. Depending on your condition and the results of this testing, we may recommend a second procedure at a subsequent date to ensure 100% removal of these cells. About 90% of women, though, only need 1 LEEP procedure.


Medically advanced technology that enables us to give you the answers you need to make the best decision.

The benefits of LEEP are that it is a minimally invasive procedure that allows your provider to treat and remove abnormal cervical cells related to Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).

Frequently Asked Questions

Our team often hears recurring questions regarding LEEP. Here are a few helpful answers to get you started on your own healthcare journey.

Post-Operative Instructions

Your post-operative instructions for gynecology procedures were created for you by the Women’s Clinic of Johnson County to aid in your comfort and understanding of the recovery process. Our goal is to provide you with an excellent surgical experience. Thank you for choosing our health care team.

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