Introduction to Genital Skin Lesion Removal

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A skin lesion, or skin tag, is a raised bump or mark on the surface of the skin. Typically, these occur within areas of the body where the skin repeatedly “folds,” including the armpit, neck, and genitals. When a skin lesion is found on the genitals specifically, it is sometimes initially assumed to be genital warts.

Luckily, most skin lesions are benign and do not affect a patient’s health or sexual wellness in any way. That said, if a patient feels bothered by a skin lesion because of how it looks or feels, we can perform a safe and effective removal procedure of these tags with minimal to no scarring.

Treatment Overview

What it Treats

  • Skin Lesion
  • Skin Tag

Procedure Time

< 30 minutes

Hospital Stay

In Office

Full Recovery Time

1 - 3 weeks


Numbing Cream



How it Works

We can easily remove a skin lesion with a brief and simple in-office procedure.

Once we have determined that your skin tag is benign, we can perform a simple procedure to remove it, if desired. There are a few methods of removing genital skin lesions, including excision (using a scalpel), or cauterization (heating). We will discuss each of these options with you during your appointment and make our recommendation for which one might work best for you.


While there usually aren’t health benefits to removing a benign skin lesion, patients often choose to undergo a removal procedure for other reasons.

Genital skin lesion removal is a way to permanently remove unwanted skin tags, although it’s important to note that there is always a chance they can grow back (in the same or a different spot). Especially if your skin lesion is causing friction or discomfort or is simply making you feel self-conscious in any way, its removal may help you focus on more important things.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Because patients often get confused about genital skin lesions, we receive many common questions about the condition and how to approach treatment or removal.